Friday, July 11, 2008

Cup of Pee

So I have a funny story... We signed Kyle up for Head Start, consequently they require a full physical, dental exam, and what not. Justin took kyle to the doctor for his exam and they asked him to pee in the cup. Well of course he couldn't pee on command (that only happens when we go places where they don't have bathrooms or when we have to walk 2 miles to get the potty.) So they told him that he could pee at home and then we would bring the sample in as soon as we got it. Well, that night Justin put the cup on the toilet and told that when he woke up he was to pee in it. So the next morning Justin asked Kyle if he had done as he was told. Kyle said yes, and we checked... he did pee in it, but then dumped it out right in the potty. So later that day, kyle came running into the house needing to pee. I stayed back watching to see what he would do. It was hillarious, he had waited so long to go that he was dancing in circles and could hardly get his pants down, as he was chanting "Pee in the Cup, Pee in the Cup." So I helped him out and he went in the cup, I put the lid on and left it on the counter so I could get ready to run down to the doctors. I went back to get the cup and he had stuffed toilet paper in it! Silly kid!! So finally the next day after he went I had to run it immediately so he couldn't sabatoge the cup again!
If you the think about though it makes sense... Pee belongs in the potty, and toilet paper goes along with pee... You can totally see his confusion.
Update: Today Kyle ran for the potty, and was screaming for the cup. We told him he didn't have to worry about it anymore, and you should have the relief on his face!


Lisa said...

That is a hilarious story. It is good to see you blogging so much and YAY for your backyard!

Cheryl said...

lol out loud-worthy funny!

The Royal Family said...

that is a funny story! Your kids are adorable!


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