Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Sydney sat in the chair and ate grapes during the parade

Kyle in awe of the monster fire trucks that are almost as cool as his daddy's police car

Kyle and Sydney chillin' or roasting waiting for the parade to begin

Most of the crew all lined up -the kids anyway

Swim time at Krista's pool

Independence Day turned out to be a really great day for most of us! The initial plan was for our "entire" family to go the parade and spend as much of the day together as possible. Justin has been working a swing shift which is from 4 pm to 2 am. The morning of the fourth, Justin didn't get off work until 6am (all the idiots of Cedar came out of the wood work) ... so needless to say, he slept while I took the kids to the parade. Funny how some things never change! Thank goodness I guess, because like always I have awesome neighbors and they saved us a spot amongst the crowd, it's always fun being with them, and they take such good care of us! After the parade we went to the Dodd's and swam, then Justin headed back to work and I BBQ'd with my wonderful neighbors again! The day really was fun and it was wonderful to celebrate our precious freedom!


The Bradshaws (est. 2004) said...

Looks like a ton of fun! We miss Cedar City a lot sometimes. We live in Layton now and the little fairs in the park just aren't the same. Your kids are adorable, by the way!

coxandroberts said...

Your kids are soooo cute. They take after you! Looks like a lot of fun on the fourth. Too bad your hubby had to work and couldn't join you. Hope you are having a great summer!


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