Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home improvement made easy

Nothing is better than having a project, and having your friends do it for you... My neighbor Johanna has this darling faux treatment in her entry way. I decided to try it in my entry, and Johanna was kind enough to show me how. However, she was so good at it that she ended updoing most of the work, with the exception of shenette! They whipped it out so quickly and it was a blast... thanks girls - I love my entry way!!



You must have some really great neighbor friends! That's great Lei!

Lyndsi said...

That looks awesome Lei! You'll have to come to SG and paint my entry way that way! I'm glad your house was safe in the flood. I haven't watched the news or anything recently but man, that is crazy! I hope all is well!

Nicole B. said...

I think your project turned out great! You know husbands opinions really don't matter.

Johana said...

So what's next?!!


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