Sunday, July 20, 2008

The rains came down, and the floods came up...

Around two this aftertoon, the rains began... The flooding came so quickly it was amazing! Luckily our house sits further up the street and one street over. These pics are taken out side of our friends house. They had one crazy day! This pic was taken towards the end, finally the city sent a back hoe and that was
the saving grace, we were waiting for.

The white car you see in the back ground was rescued only after the water reached its windshield. Justin said the guys were pushing it back and forth, because -oh ya- it was FLOATING! Finally some guy with a big truck pulled it out.
Keri's house, before it got really deep
I wish I had pics of the floods during the height of it, but we were all to busy working, Believe me it was unreal!


Lisa-Lou-Who said...

NO WAY! I hope all you people out there have FLOOD insurance!!!

M&J said...

Man I wish we would have got some of that! It just keeps teasing us with lighting and thunder but we haven't got any rain. However lighting did start a fire in the slews, that burnt a whole lot land.


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