Monday, February 2, 2009

Thrift Junkie and Bla Bla Bla

You could sale my house at a Yard Sale! Or maybe my neighbors think I am having a yard Sale. Since I last made my confession I have been bustin' out the paint. Good news: I finished painting the kitchen table, and it's now in use! Well that is of cousrse until today, when I decided that I need to repaint the table top from white to yellow. I forgot to take into consideration that my plates are whilte. It will be soooo cute when it's fixed however. I can't wait to reveal the final product. Anyways, on Friday I brought home the wing back chair, then pulled the table out and have been painting it. Saturday Justin saw a chair at a Yard Sale, so I ran down to check it out. It was sold by the time I got there, but don't worry instead I bought a bench (can't wait for that reveal!) AND while I was there I spoke to the Misses about my table redue, and she said that she had chairs at home that she would be willing to sell! So I brought those bad boys home. A table, 6 chairs, a bench, and a wingback chair all in my front yard throughout the weekend. They must wonder if I am insane!
{Disclaimer: My Camera is broken! The shutters won't open all the that what they are called? Obviously not a photographer! Can't wait for Justin to finally realize that I really really do need a new camera}
In honor of the Super Bowl - that I really only watch for the commercials...OOPS!
Did I say that out loud!

Getting ready for Valentine's Day? This little pillow just puts me in the mood!


hecklerwife said...

I love going to yard sales. I dont think there is a better feeling in the world than finding an amazing deal! We should go together some time...better yet, let's go down to St. George!

Frehner Family said...

Lelani! I have been waiting for the cruise posting. I'm so glad you had a great time. I wish I could have told you to do the tour we did. It was a blast. If only we could get two days in Cabo... anyhow. Looks like your year is off to a great start with lots of new projects to do. Hurray for you! Good luck with them all. Keep in touch!

Kasey said...

I am very excited to see your reveals! You are amazingly crafty!! Don't you just love super deals?!

hecklerwife said...

We are going to Death Valley next Sun-Tues, you are welcome to come. Tyler has a big adventure planned in the Desert. And, it's going to be 80 degrees...need I say more?

Deedra said...

I didn't know you were such a crafty chick! I used to think I was creative, but then I see what you're doing, it puts me to shame... :) I'm excited to see the finished product! Oh, and I was talking to the girl that does my hair and she asked about Shalauna - do know what ever ended up happening to her?


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