Friday, February 13, 2009

pics and projects

I had the best of intentions to post Sydney's bumps and bruises before now. Thanks for all phone calls, pizza {Megan}, and concern! It really wasn't to bad, thanks to her Guardian Angel. She was hit on the left side of her body, as you can see. Thankfullly her leg wasn't hurt, which was my main concern, hence the ER visit. Oh the joys! Wondering what I have been doing lately?Wiping this nose every 30 seconds... No literally! I have never seen Kyle so sick - ever. This picture does not even do it justice. He slept all but two hours of the day yesterday. It was so sad, however, today he finally took a turn for the better! Poor little guy...Finally!
A place to eat again. My kitchen does not ever get sunlight {something that will be a priority in my next house} I painted the table a super bright yellow, which I love! I am keeping my chairs black, but I am going to install white beadboard on the bottom half of my walls in the kitchen. It will brighten the kitchen even more, making me even happier! I still need to make place mats for the table, and to find some sort of table decor....always a work in progress!
Sydney's bench painted with the same yellow!
Sydney's room is my favorite of the whole house. I took some pictures of it so you could see how the bench fits in. Gotta love those random finds! The green on the wall is an "oops" paint Justin brought home from Home Depot one day. I loved it and knew it had to be in her room.


The Hirschi's said...

Leilani - Your kids are so cute! What a beautiful family. Time flies...I haven't seen you since Kyle was a few months old! I'm glad that Sydney is doing scary! That is one of my worst fears!

MillerTime said...

Your house is SOOOO stinkin' cute!!!

The Royal Family said...

OH MY! Sad to hear about the car accident. I am so glad Sydney is ok. scary stuff. I completely understand about the cold poor Kyle, We all had it this week it was HARD for ME to get off the couch. :( Hope the rest of you stay well. :) CUTE TABLE p.s.

Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh! Your poor little girl! Hit by a car? I'm glad she is doing fine. And PS I love love her room!

Deedra said...

I LOVE this post! Seriously, I'm inspired! You've got great style. I've been going to the Parade of Homes for ideas, but it looks like you could just post pics of your house and I would be completely satisfied. :) Keep them coming!

The Baileys said...

Leilani! He room is so cute!! My girls have been bugging me to pain their room, maybe I should hire you to come do it for me;) I wish I had your talent!!!


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