Friday, January 30, 2009

confessions of a Wing Back Chair

I have a confession to make: I never complete a project. There I said it - now Justin can sleep peacefully tonight. I confess that I love hunting for new projects. I have millions of ideas, good intentions, but just cannot see a project through completion. So today we went "treasure hunting" at DI. {Kyle was confused by this, and kept asking where the treasure was!} I found this chair and immediatly fell in love. Picture this: reupholstered in a fantastic black and white bold print, or some other really cute fabric... After some some massive convincing and swearing up and down that I will finish painting the kitchen table that has been in our garage for months, he conceeded. So guess what I have in my garage {along side the kitchen table, and the night stand, and a pile of wood all waiting to be painted} Com'on it was originally $40 but I talked the manager down to $30! Props to me; however, is that bad trying to save a buck at DI? It's like a church organization for heavens sake - although in my defense, with how much I have donated over the years, I should be allowed to walk out with anything I want for free! Anyways. I need help! I was originally going to try to reupholster it, but after looking at how intricate it is, I am thinking about buying a slip cover. If you have any brilliant ideas please do enlighten me! My goal this month is to complete projects. Although when I finish the table in the garage I will have to sell my current table with the chairs - since it is a set. So then we will have a table but not any chairs. Hence the reason for delaying finishing the table...What a delema.


Levi and Cassie Mallory Family said...

My mom has this giant couch that the upholstry is shot on but it would cost a fortune to have anything made for it. She decided to make her own slipcover, without a pattern. She took a couple of old sheets and made up patterns and cut out the sheets until she got something she liked. Now when she gets tired of the cover or it gets too dirty or she redecorates she just makes a new one.

amylynne said...

I'm so glad we found your blog, too! We've been wondering what you guys were up to!

Nicole B. said...

Great chair! I think you could make it super super cute if you could figure out how to reupholster it, in fact are you sure you don't want to just sale me the chair. It sounds like you have an awful lot of projects so I could just take that one of your hands for you. ;)


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