Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Spectrum Reports:

Did you wake up this morning and read the local paper while drinking your morning hot chocolate! I love how Braun took the story to the newspaper and it made the top headline! Who knew this guy was so hungry for attention. Luckily the article was well written! I really truly do find this all really funny and entertaining...I love reading all the comments on You Tube. Who knew there were so many idiots in Cedar, as well as the kinder and smarter people! If you weren't entreated this morning you can read it here! (It's really not that full of info, and thankfully not any of the involved officers names are mentioned.)

CEDAR CITY - The Cedar City Police Department is investigating a complaint filed in late November by a local man with video of being allegedly stunned with a Taser twice by police.

Travis Braun, 32, said on Nov. 20, CCPD officers used the Taser on him after he went into a seizure. An officer had pulled him over for not yielding before pulling out of the liquor store, according to the police report.

The police report said Braun failed the sobriety test and blew an alcohol content level of 0.014.

According to the police report, two officers moved Braun onto the grass on the side of the road after he went into a seizure and tried to calm him down, but he began kicking and hitting them.

Braun said he was purposely moved out of view from the camera on the police car dashboard, the video of which he collected and has since put up on YouTube.

Police stated that Braun tried to resist and was told a Taser would be used on him if he continued resisting.

After being stunned, Braun was transported to Valley View Medical Center.

After being treated, he was taken to Iron County Jail. Braun said a barb from the Taser was still lodged in his back when he got to the jail.

Police Chief Bob Allinson said CCPD started looking into it and tried to address his concerns.

In the meantime, Braun got a copy of his police report and the video and then filed an additional complaint Dec. 22 after he watched the video and came to the conclusion that the officers were being unprofessional with him, Allinson said.

When Braun revealed the videos, he said the officers called him names and talked among each other, one saying Braun was fighting back and the other disagreeing.

"We had a complaint made against our department and allegations that we're looking into, and in the meantime, the complainant has been given all the reports and the video of the incident and he has chosen to put it on YouTube," Allinson said.

"Just because he has chosen to do that does not change our investigation and we are looking into the matter to see if any policy violations and procedures problems occurred and we'll take the appropriate action."

Braun has been charged with driving under the influence of marijuana, driving with no insurance, failing to stop when entering a roadway, assault against an officer and marijuana possession.

Braun told police he has been on parole several times as well, according to the police report.

Cedar City Bureau Chief Jennifer Weaver contributed to this story.


Johana said...

SHeeeeSh!...And you still have a whole lifetime to go, Officer Zufelt. I hope all is well at the Zufelts! I'll be sure to see you at girls night!

Levi and Cassie Mallory Family said...

From what I sawin the video it looks like they did thier job. There are so many variables and unknowns in the heat of thed moment. Tell Justin I feel for him and hope his department backs him.



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