Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today marks five wonderul years!
What an adventurous five it has been...

Here is a highlight from every year:

1st year- We had a horrible wedding day (every thing that could go wrong just about did- but now we have really great stories for our kids), 3 months later we were pregnant.

2nd year- Kyle was born, and Justin left for Iraq

3rd year- Justin came home, we went to Hawaii, Justin left for training in Arizona, Sydney was on her way!

4th year - We bought our first house, Sydney arrived, Justin started his career!

5th year- nothing new, but we are as happy as two bugs in rug!

Justin - Happy Anniversary! I so glad you chased me down and married me... I am so happy. You are a wonderful husband; I feel so blessed. You are incredibly good at everything, smart, funny and extremely hot! You are a total package - IWYINYOBOB


MillerTime said...

Hey I just posted our anniversary post!!! We have the same Anniversary!!! We'll have to go out on a double date next year!!! Would love to hear about the disasters of the wedding day!

Heath & Ege said...

Yay! Congrats! I remember your wedding day! Ah..we all have stuff go wrong on the wedding but oh well eh?!

Cheryl said...

congratulations on 5 years!

Zufelts said...

Congrats! Mat and I first started dating the week before he left to go to your wedding!

The Royal Family said...

Congrats, fun pics! I love that pic of Sydney with her hands all blue, and her outfit funny stuff!


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