Friday, November 21, 2008

Vampires and Zombies

Last night (scratch that) This morning me and my Twighlight groopies went to the premier midnight show! I forgot my camera (unthinkable -I know) so when I come out of my zombie state I will get pics from the other thirty camera's. Did you like it? We need to talk...


Frehner Family said...

Leilani! I love your new fam pics. They are so cute! I will agree that you do look like you might take some flesh off of Justin but it is very cute. (and you know he likes it!) Where did nicole move to? Hopefully somewhere closer to south-eastern Arizona!
You look like you have been pretty busy. Hope you are all doing well and I hope your toe is doing better. Ouch!

Lisa Christine said...

Hey Lelani, it's Lisa! I'm excited to know that I'm not alone in my Twilight obsession. I didn't go to the midnight showing but I saw it on Friday morning!


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