Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sydney's latest and greatest

After dinner, I took off Syd's shirt and she ran... this is how I found her! Is there a girl in there?
The day has arrived! Love - Love - Love!
Mommy's Picaso... She found side walk chalk and made a masterpiece.


Malinda said...

At least she didn't use a permanent marker on the sliding glass door, so it looks like she is having fun drawing with chalk. She looks really cute in all of the pictures.

Deedra said...

She is cute! And I love your family picture! Who took it and where?

Megs said...

That is the great thing about chalk, non-staining! Love it!
It could be worse; I have a fab picture of Sam after the girls dressed him up as a Fairy...*sigh* Tomboy...GREAT!
Cross-dresser...um...not so OK! :)

Shanette said...

Welcome to the world we've almost outgrown. People always say enjoy them while there young cuz it doesn't last long. At least she's having fun right? By the way, your pictures turned out great! You have one good lookin family!


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