Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog Head

Do you ever blog in your head? I do - all the time. If I were to post all the blogs in my head, my blog would have a post every ten minutes. I bet you are sighing a sigh of relief! All this past week I was "head-blogging" about the dag-gum weather.
Or about my crusade to get my house under control, by digging through every closet trying organize. Long story short, I have been away for a while, and I am recommiting my self to the blogging world, not just my "head-blog".


The Royal Family said...

I am glad, because sometimes stuck in my house checking on the blogs is the most entertaining thing I get to do right now. Boy I don't have a life. Hopefully we can change that soon. Thanks for your help, it means a lot!

Megs said...

I totally feel your pain! I have only put together a few posts since Jan! Ugh. Life just gets too crazy huh? My inner-Blogging-Voice, or as Lisa calls it the IBV is constantly talking...but I figure that if I find my own IBV really boring, then y'all will doze off during reading it for SURE! :D Your posts are always fun to read, glad you are comin' back! Just today I took a bunch of "what the?" pics with a silly post in mind! :D
read ya later! :D

Lisa-Lou-Who said...

Yes, I do that too, and I call it my inner blogging voice. Oh, I just noticed that Megan was talking about it in her comment.


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